Pryingulsky Landscape Park

Pryingulsky Landscape Park is situated in Mykolaiv region (Oblast). It was established in 17 December 2002 on the area of 3152.7 ha.

It is located in the valley of the Ingul river, in the north of the region. The one of the most beautiful protected lands in the South of Ukraine was established to preserve the natural state of the valley with its typical and unique natural complexes. If you have never seen and taken picture of this virgin steppe, granite outcrops, ponds, forests plantations – you haven’t seen the true beauty and richness of Ukraine. Ukrainian travel should include this unique territory.

The flora of the area “Priingulsky” contains about 600 species of plants, including 20 species listed in Red Book of Ukraine, four – in the European Red List, five – in the World Red List, one – in the list of Berne Convention for the Protection of Wild Fauna and Flora and natural habitats in Europe, 12 species – in the regional list of Mykolaiv region.

The intense economic activity had its impact on wildlife RLP “Priingulsky”: grazing, recreational load, recreational fishing, poaching in the waters of the Sophia Reservoir, steppe and forest fires – all these impoverishes fauna, but in this park it remains significantly better than in adjacent area.

There are some rare and endangered protected animal species here. They are Zerynthia polyxena, Papilio machaon, Scolia maculata, a bee – Xylocopa valga, Iphiclides podalirius, Coluber jugularis, Buteo rufinus, Mustela eversmanii, Lutra lutra, etc.

Also you can see here the St. Michael’s Church of St. Michael’s Convent. It is a unique building and is one of the most popular attraction of the area. So plan your photo hiking in Ukraine and pay your attention to the Mykolaiv region and its landscape parks.