Inhul (Ingul) River


We can call Ukrainian treasures rivers of the country and one of them is the Great Inhul – truly picturesque and unique river. Inhul  –  the river flows through the Kirovohrad and Mykolayiv regions of Ukraine (the South of Ukraine). It is the largest left tributary of the Southern Bug. The ancient name of the river – Panticapaeum. The river is 354 km long, the basin area – 9,890 sq km.

The source of the river is at an altitude of 170 m above sea level near the village Brovkovo of Alexandrovsky area in Kirovograd region. The river flows from a small forest lake. It is one the ten largest waterways of Ukraine. Inhul has repeatedly reminded in the annals of historical studies of many authors, in folk songs, ballads and legends. But the name of the river remains a secret for historians for centuries.

According to one version – the name of the river has gone from the word “Vohuls”, which was subsequently transformed into “Inhul”. This is a word of the language of the people Vohulychi (or Ulychi). In Vohuls’ language the word “hul” means “forest”. And the river starts from the forest, so it has obvious reasons to name such river as “forest river” (Inhul) and the famouse Byzantine Kostantin Porfirorodny pronounced its name in his own way – Hingulus.

The documents of XVI – XVII centuries meets even the name Engula (Engul).

There is also a version, that the word “Inhul”, belongs to the Turkic and Tatar origin. And this is the most common version, as the Turk – “yeni göl” and the Tatar – “Eni- gel” both mean “new lake”.

According to another version the Turkish word “Engel” means – “an obstacle”, “a barrier”.