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Dolphins are great mathematicians

By admin on 23.08.2013

During the hunting dolphins create from bubbles so called ‘nets’ to surround its prey and confuse it. Meanwhile they continue using their sonar. Modern high-powered man-made hydroacoustic systems can be easily confused by these bubbles as well. It’s because they reflect the sonar signal. But dolphins have unique ability to avoid them.

Dolphins can fulfill difficult mathematical tricks that challenge man-made computer systems. Having been discovered this fact made scientists to reconsider intellectual faculties of these creatures.

There is a possibility to prove that these animals are able to make a complex of “nonlinear” mathematical calculations. Though scientists haven’t still understood how dolphins can hunt in fact blinding themselves. It is possible if dolphin’s echo-sounder has abilities and capabilities that our devices just cannot fulfill.

This is not the only amazing dolphin ability. They can recognize themselves in mirror and lead social way of life in schools that also characteristic for primates.

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