About the site

Welcome to the imoiseev.com! I am Igor Moiseev, Ukrainian photographer and it’s my personal website. I created this website to tell about and show the beauty of the world and especially my native country.
Animals, landscapes and travel photos are the big part of my creation but not the only one. I am fond of watching wild animals, birds and life as it is. That is why large majority of my works is devoted to the wildlife and travels. Being a passionate traveller I offer to watch the world through my eyes.
Therefore I understand the one who is always in search of new visions and unique beauty of the world. So I offer not only to see my motherland on my photos but also welcomes to visit my native land. I live in Mykolaiv (in Mikolaiv Region). The South of Ukraine is full of natural wonders. And Mykolaiv Region (or Mykolaiv Oblast) is rich for unique gifts of nature and historical wonders. Such as an ancient Greek city-state Olbia known as Historic-Archeological Reserve “Olvia”, a regional landscape park and is an object of Nature Reserve Fund Of Ukraine “Pryingulsky park”, an incredible regional landscape park situated in the north-west of Mykolaiv Region “Granite-steppe lands of Buh”, etc.

The website constantly updates that is why you can find here new wildlife photos
and travel photos almost everyday.